Northstar Computer Systems was founded by Eric Smith in 1991. While it was started as a custom developer of software for the PC, NCS began selling software and hardware as a reseller, including building custom PCs. In addition, NCS provided consulting services to users getting their first PCs and to some small businesses requiring custom solutions to business problems. We started providing web hosting services in 1996, including Windows-based hosting, well before it was widely available. We provided these services until 2014 when the market was shifting away from small hosting companies to mega companies like Azure and AWS. 

The company now focuses exclusively on technology and custom application development. 


New Domain Name

As of June 30, 2023, our domain name has changed to northstarcompsys.com. Please update your records. 


Learning and Sharing Technology

The recent redesign of this site is to focus more on sharing project case studies and hosting technical articles. Ever since I entered the workforce in 1993, I've found that the best way to stay employable is to stay current in the latest technologies. Some technologies will last, others will disappear over time. However, if you don't stay current and have a way to learn quickly, you're going to get passed by. Besides the how-to articles, I'm also going to be using the site as a virtual notebook covering technologies and software that I want to learn. As I learn them, I'll add how-to articles going through the process I followed. 


Want to Connect?

If you need assistance with your project, please contact me for help with architecture review, software development, or design review. 

Latest Articles

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Modifying security headers in Blazor

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New Blazor/.NET 6 powered website

One of the best ways to learn new technologies is to come up with an idea and just build something. In my case, I wanted to learn the new Blazor technology from ...


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